Character Monday #8: Mr. Monkey from "STUCK"

This week's themed posts will all be related to my new release
The digital copy is available here: theillustratedsection.com 
The print version will be available soon.


For Sale Friday #7: Cuckoo Crazy Grab Bag Blowout!!!!

Grab Bags featuring: sketches, prints, stickers, postcards, original artwork, and one of a kind pieces. Items will vary and may be different from the sample picture. Get yours here: denverwagner.etsy.com



Character Monday #7: Sasquatch & Son

"Hey Dad, Remember that squirrel that used to wake you up every morning by dropping acorns on your head?...He sure was delicious!"


Character Monday #6: Joe Common Sense

Blame this. Blame that. Blame him. Blame her. Blame them. Blame.
Blame. Blame. Blame.
Joe Common Sense blames himself. 

Then he "liked" it on facebook.


For Sale Friday #5: Digital Copy of 8: A Kid's Book Anthology for $2.99!

Dani Jones, creator of My Sister the Freak , Frosty the Gourdman, and other awesome stuff, has recently launched one of the coolest shops around.  TheIllustratedSection.com is the marketplace for independent creators to sell their books, comics, and other creations as affordable digital PDF versions.

Print on demand services have made it easier than ever to self publish our books.  The downside, however, is it is still an expensive process. A digital version is much more affordable and can be read on an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Kindle, Nook, Blackberry, or on any computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader (free).

So here's our awesome anthology for only $2.99!  8: A Kid's Anthology I recommend shopping around at TheIllustratedSection.com. There are tons of great books available (some are even FREE!)


Character Monday #5: The Crypto Kid

This is Julian Forrester from my long term project Morgan Monster Hunter and the Crypto Kid. He and Morgan Calhoun become reluctant heroes in a world where the adults have disappeared just as a monster invasion begins. This is a project that I wish was finished already because I personally want to see it. Alas, there are only 24 hours in a day.