Slug Love or Slime Time

Aww. Two slugs found love! This is going to be gross.

I have a really cool promotional project that I'm excited to get started. First, I have to finish 'Stack'. I need some little elves that come out at night and finish my projects for me.  What makes shoemakers so special?


The Gargoyle Goblin

The Gargoyle Goblin is a character from Morgan MonsterHunter & the Crypto Kid.  In this story,  he threatens to devour Morgan's pet mouse, Fuzzbutt.  In the end, Morgan tricks the Gargoyle Goblin into a eating a zhu zhu pet, leaving Fuzzbutt safe and happy.  

Yes,  much of this plot came from a 5-year old's head.


Dude, seriously.

I've been told that I say "Dude, seriously..." a lot.  I want to finish about 12 stories before the end of 2010, but dude, seriously - that ain't happening.  "Stack / Stuck" will be finished this year...but not by my original goal of Nov.1.  The early stages of a project are so fun and full creativity, that I sometimes forget how much time and work is required to actually finish the project.  Head to paper is ...S...L...O...W...!   My realistic goal for "Stack" is to have the pencils done by Nov. 1 and the colors done by Dec. 1.  Ok?  Ok.  Dude, seriously, get back to work.


Story-time's ready! Y'all come and get it! 8: A Kid's Book Anthology is AVAILABLE NOW!

You can check out the website that I made to promote the book here:  8: A Kid's Book Anthology

There you will find:

  •  pages from each of the stories

  •  artist interviews

  •  links and contact information for all of the contributors

  •  the link to the Indy Planet page where you can purchase your copy of  "8"

  •  the link to Illopond.com where you can join us on upcoming collaborations