Night of the Axolotl

I had one of these when I was in school. They called it a "water dog" at the pet store. When it grew too big for my bed, I released it in the sewer. It grew and grew and ate a beauty queen, a pack of stoned teenagers, and the mayor before it was finally captured. The whole town was pretty angry with me. Luckily, they never traced that face-ripper demon back to me.


Wild Willie Wylde

This is a character from Morgan Monster Hunter and the Crypto Kid. Wild Willie Wylde is Morgan's grandfather. His ghost appears to Morgan with a warning of the upcoming monster apocalypse. Morgan thinks she dreamt the vision but soon realizes it was real. Wild Willie visits Morgan throughout the story with advice, warnings, and a joke or two.
He is one cool cat and was an important player in rock and roll's early years. He toured with Little Richard, Chuck Berry, and Jerry Lee Lewis, and played bass guitar on legendary tracks by Elvis Presley, Fats Domino, Johnny Burnette and dozens of others.



I am working on a series. The idea is to have a background of sliced fruit that has the same name as the bird in the foreground. Here is the first one: Kiwi.

And this concludes the series. Thanks for following along!



Nien-nos and A-guhngh guhng guhngs

Living with a toddler requires a lot of investigation and translation.  My son's favorite animals are "nien-no"s and "a-guhngh guhng guhng"s.  A "nien-no" is easy enough to figure out...he means rhino. But without the picture above, you would probably never guess that an "a-guhngh guhng guhng" is a penguin. How did "penguin" become "a-guhngh guhng guhng"? My wife figured it out. A penguin waddles so we say "waddle, waddle, waddle" when we see one at the zoo or in a picture. So he is really trying to say "waddle, waddle, waddle" which is what he thinks a penguin is called.  He also rocks his head from side to side when he says it, looking very geeky and adorable.


Man-Eating Flowers

This is a 16" x 20" oil pastel piece that we hung on our daughter's wall when she was a baby.  I like to build layers with oil pastels and then scratch out areas.  This is a technique my mother taught me when I was probably five or six years old.  I still think it is as fun and cool as I did back then.  Also, my mom discovered this blog a couple months ago and she said it was "awesome".  So there!


Spontaneous Sproutings

I don't know why this guy looks so freaked out.  I'd love to spontaneously sprout six new arms.  Wait....maybe they are evil arms.  Hmmm...I'd like to sprout six helpful extra arms...and a smarter brain.  Then I could think gooder while I make stuff with all them arms.


The Forgotten Wildlife: Crockens

Crockens love the ferny undergrowth of Nufsed's steam fog forests.  They spring forth with amazing speed and agility to eat almost any passing creature, including the other predatory "eaters" of the forest.  All creatures fear crockens, but many also rely on crockens for their survival.  Crocken eggs are the main source of nutrition for dozens of the forest's inhabitants. The crocken deposits ten to twenty "eater eggs" for every fertilized egg that it lays.  Even the males lay these watermelon sized "eater eggs".  An acre of crocken territory can have up to 25,000 crocken eggs on it's floor.  Crockens like to keep their prey close and fat.  Ahhh, the circle of life.



A one and a half year old's babbling may be the funniest sound on earth. 

 I recently read The Element by Sir Ken Robinson.  Here is the gist of it:  "The Element is the point at which natural talent meets personal passion. When people arrive at the Element, they feel most themselves, most inspired, and achieve at their highest levels."

The book digs deep into the current state of eduction, the job market, and society in general, and lays out many great examples on how people with creative minds and attitudes are, and will continue to be the ones who come out ahead in life. I found it relevant for my life, but even more so for my children's future.

Creative problem solving and artistic expression are not  high priorities in most schools, but children don't live in schools.  Parents should make creativity an important part of home life. It promotes an additional way of thinking, which will be beneficial no matter what direction your child takes with his/her future.  Plus creating is fun for kids and parents alike.


A dinosaur can eat up to five twinkies a day!

Good!  The internet is still here.  I just got back from a week of family vacation in Florida.  We had a super time in the sun at Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and SeaWorld.  I didn't get as much sketching and writing / problem-solving done as I had hoped, but the relaxation and time spent with my family was awesome.  It is difficult for me to concentrate on creative projects when I'm having fun and exciting experiences and watching the fascination and happiness on my children's faces.  I'm sure all of the awesome art and design work from inside the parks has been planted in my subconscious mind for later use.  The week helped refresh my noggin and I hope the plot problems I'm having will be resolved soon. 

At least half of my day job consists of no-brain, monotonous tasks.  This would probably drive most people crazy, but I've come to realize just how important this time is for developing personal projects .  I get my work done while being able to solve plot issues, develop stories and characters, fill in story details, and plan other aspects of my own projects.  Time for writing and artwork is hard to come by in a house with a growing family.  At least I have a day job that allows some time alone to work through project issues, so when I do find a few minutes or an hour at home, I can immediately "put pencil to paper".
And I've learned that the fossilized remains of an ultrasaur was found with a stomach full of Twinkies.  I just had one (a Twinkie not an ultrasaur) and they are not as good as I remembered.


Alleluia Abstracts

These four abstracts were created from the Praise painting that I posted on Easter. The only alterration that I made is the orientation. Simple mirror images placed side by side can often create some pretty cool designs. I've been fooling around with this trick on my paintings for years and I am still surprised by many of the results.  Sometimes computers are really fun!



Happy Easter!