Character Monday #3: Emma Marten

This is an early character concept for an upcoming short story called Salt and Pepper. There is something  spooky going on in the woods behind the abandoned Marten milking barn. A ghost? Some sort of horrible creature? Emma, her best friend Azure, and her brother David, will get to the bottom of this mystery...whether they want to or not.


For Sale Friday #2: Monster Buddy Magnet Set

Do you like to put weird stuff on your refrigerator? Super! Then you'll love this Monster Buddy magnet set featuring Sasquatch, Frankenstein's Monster, Swamp Breath, and the Token Zombie!  Check it out at denverwagner.etsy.com.


Character Monday #2: Terror the Tiger

Nobody is safe when Terror is on the prowl ... 476 confirmed kills.


For Sale Friday #1: Textured Tapir Poster (Red and Green)

I just opened a shop at DenverWagner.etsy.com. I have decided to use etsy for my store because it is already the online destination for buyers of hand-made, original, and limited edition items. Over the next year I hope to build a solid reputation as a unique, prolific, and genuine creator of cool quality stuff.

It may take a little time to have a fully stocked store...I have lots of stuff I want to put in there!  I will add AT LEAST one item per week on For Sale Fridays and they will vary in price, style and function. Every item will meet these three criteria: 1.) Hand-made original or limited edition, 2.) high production and design quality, and most importantly... 3.) I think it is cool.

Check out my first items Textured Tapir Posters and stop back for new items often. You dig?


Creature of the Week #1: Moonhead

The moonhead lives on the grassy plains of Nufsed. It sleeps for most of the day with its legs and head tucked under its body. This position keeps the moonhead hidden from the many predators of the Nufsed plains. Even from a short distance, a sleeping moonhead looks just like a large rock. As the sun sets, the moonheads begin stirring. Love is in the air and the plains begin to fill with thousands of bobbing and glowing moonhead heads. As the male approaches a female, literal sparks fly! The pair rears onto their hind legs and an electrical current bounces and crackles between their heads.

Story Page Wednesday # 1: The Absurd Bird


Character Mondays: Mokele Mbembe

During the 1970's and 80's, Mokele Mbembe was an ornery and reclusive fellow. Old age seems to have mellowed him out a bit.

Howdy. As part of an ongoing re-design of my website, I have added a new themed blog at denverwagner.com.  I will be posting Character Mondays, Story Page Wednesday, For Sale Friday, and the Creature of the Week. Stay tuned for the opening of my etsy store, the release of my kid's book "Stack / Stuck", and more cool developments @ denverwagner.com.