Style Test for 'Stack'

I am thinking of switching the art style of "Stack".  I love the vector look from previous posts, but I can be much more efficient with my time if I use a technique that I'm more comfortable with.  I want to produce a steady flow of books...I am already anxious to get started on the next one.  I will use that vector style in a book someday, but for now I'm leaning pretty heavily towards the sketchy / digital watercolor style above. 


Aim High!

You may recognize the little hamster on the right from a previous post: Designing a New Character   He is the main character from "Stack".  His little friend on the left is the main character from "Stuck".  You'll see.

I'm thinking of having these printed up as bookmarks for the finished book.



My almost two year old son MUST smell the bag of coffee after we grind it at the store and when we pour it into the coffee maker at home.  I understand...sometimes you just have to stop and smell the coffee.


The Porcupine

I have had little to no time to work on personal projects for a looong time. Frustrating.  I still want to finish "Stack" by Nov.1st...but I've lost about 3 or 4 weeks of production.  It is important for me to take this deadline seriously, though...or why even bother giving myself one.

The porcupine is another character from "Stack".  Here's a promo poster from his band: The Porcupines. (They're not very good.)


8: A Kid's Book Anthology

Off to the printer! The kid's book anthology that I have a story in should be available by November.  It is being printed by Ka-Blam and distributed through Indy Planet .  I will post information on how YOU can get your very own copy of this SUPER HIGH QUALITY book when a definitive release date is confirmed.

I am so proud to be included in this anthology.  The artwork and storytelling is outstanding.  This book is more than just stories, though.  It is an example of  independent spirit and collaborative motivation coming together in a productive way.  We all worked very hard on this project and we have an awesome book to show for that effort.  It is my belief that the future of creative art and storytelling will be largely independent and collaborative. 

If you are interested in taking that next step in your creative life, I urge you to get involved in creative communities.  Ben Powis, who's story "Hoot!"appears in the anthology, created  Illopond .  This is the forum we used to organize and communicate during the production of "8".   We have opened that project thread to the public, so you can see our process and development and hopefully join up and/or start a collaborative project of your own.  I think it would be totally awesome for the illopond to be the meeting place for dozens of independent collaborative projects every year!  (There is already talk for Anthology 2.)

I want give a HUGE "Thank you!" to Christpher Tupa for organizing this project and inviting me to take part.   I will post some more in-depth information about Christopher and the rest of the contributors in the near future.  In the meantime, check out their websites to see some of their awesome work!

Mark Harmon
Sam Kirkman
Michelle Kondrich
Craig Pirrall
Ben Powis
Christopher Tupa
Lee Wiley


The Anteater

Another character from "Stack". The anteater.


Winner of the 39th Annual Armadillo Toss

It was great to see so many of you come out and support this year's toss.  As you know, we have struggled to keep the tradition of "armadill-throw" alive ever since the moose tug was moved up to Nah 'DilloWeekend.  It hasn't been easy, especially after 2007's tragic mooser vs. diller fracas, but we had a great turn-out this year with minimal moose vs. armadillo related violence.  Congratulations to this year's winner, Cindy Hemmelman!


Doing What You Should

My brother is opening his own pizza restaurant in October.  I imagine he will be a busy, busy man for a long time.  When you trust in your ability, have faith in your dreams, and work hard towards your goals, being busy is the reward.  Good Luck, Spoink!

His restaurant is a part of a local franchise.  By all accounts the food is fantastic; but I have to admit, I'm not loving their current logo:

 I am helping him out with menus, signs, and a small mural.  I re-designed the logo, even though we may not be able to use it.  I kept the same basic layout and elements, but tried to make it more friendly and appealing: