Prana Electric II

Here's the Prana design with some of the suggested changes.

Prana Electric

A design option for a friend's new company.


Stack Illustration: Otter Games

"What Can I Do For You" #1 Stack: the game of animal stacking

Between "Stack" and my next story, I want to produce a series of relatively simple "What Can I Do For You" images.  I will use them for the "call to action / about me" section of my website and also in a small printed portfolio for marketing and promotion.

There are thousands of applications for artwork, illustration, and design.  As a creative entrepreneur (Does that sound better than freelancer?...I think so.), I have to show my potential customers the benefits that good art and design will bring to their business, product, project, etc.   By showing some examples of my art in context, a client can see potential solutions for their needs, and have a clear understanding of the value that I bring to their project. 

Advertisements ~ Banners (web and physical) ~ Book cover design / illustration ~ Brochures, pamphlets, etc ~ Business branding ~ Business cards ~ Cd art ~ Character design and Concept art ~ Children’s book illustration ~ Comics ~ Display ~ Game and toy design ~ Greeting cards ~ Licensing for home and office products ~ Logos ~ Magazine Illustration ~ Marketing Campaigns ~ Mascot and Spokes-Character design ~ Murals ~ Online Media and Gaming ~ Original Art for home, office, or business ~ Packaging design ~ Posters ~ Signs ~ Stationary ~ Stickers ~ T-shirt and clothing design ~ Website design ~ and more!!!


I'd like to meet his tailor

Do you remember that time your boyfriend said that he had a big secret to tell you, and you thought he was going to propose to you?  Silly girl.

Stack Illustration: Oh No! The TIGER!!!


An Illustration from 'Stack'

Here is an illustration from 'Stack'.  I've decided to use a loose and energetic style for the final artwork.  I liked the clean vector-style character tests, but I think this story works better if the reader can see the "hand" behind the illustrations.

I have been reading  a lot of "Art of..." books lately.  (some of my favorites are "The Art of The Lion King", "The Art of How to Train Your Dragon", and Chris Ayers' "The Daily Zoo")  The concept art for the character, set, and prop designs are totally fascinating to me.  I love seeing the sketchy lines, media experimentation, and style tests.  I love how alive concept art and storyboards feel.  I hope to bring this loose and experimental style to "Stack", while keeping a purposeful feel and professional quality to the book's design.


Bedroom Eyes

One crouched in a tenebrous corner of the bedroom. The thing's arms and legs were too long and it wrapped them around its scrawny body. Its bulbous head was covered in tiny bumps and valleys. It was the color, texture, and smell of rotten cauliflower. Two glossy black marble eyes were fixed on the end of fleshy stalks that protruded from each side of the head.  Four more beady eyes glared forward into the darkness.  A huge gaping mouth filled with needle teeth stretched across the whole lower half of the foot wide head.  It was tangled mess on the verge of pouncing.

 And it cackled.