The Boy Who Grew a City

I am selfish and egotistical.  I need to change this.


Purple Cthulhu: The Politically Correct Super Villain

Purple Cthulhu released a recorded statement to several media outlets late last night.  The speech was widely praised for it's non-discriminatory and politically correct language.  In his trademark raspy, gurgling grunts, Purple Cthulhu was very clear about his loathing for each and every human being on Earth.  In a touching moment of unbiased maniacal rambling, Purple Cthulhu said, 

"Purple Cthulhu does not care about your race, religion, or sex.  Purple Cthulhu does not care about your wealth, education, or your social status.  Purple Cthulhu does not care about your history,  your region, or your politics.  You all crawl like bugs!  Purple Cthulhu laughs at your simple monkey brains.  Ha Ha Ha!  I will drive you all insane! I will crush all humans!..except for the Moody Blues.  I just like them..."

Me too, Purple Cthulhu.  Me too.


Pink Eye!

 It nevereverevereverever stops.   If you have kids, you know what I'm talking about.


Psssst! Wanna buy an illustration?

Here's the updated front page of my portfolio website: denverwagner.com It is similar to the previous page with a few more characters added.   I am also having the image printed on postcards to mail out to art directors and other potential clients / customers. 

I have a few fun projects going on right now...but I really need some paying gigs.  Keep me in mind if you come across someone who could use some SUPER FUN and COOL ILLUSTRATIONS for their products, stories, advertisements, decorations, brochures, cards, campaigns, concept designs, signs, magazines, events, t-shirt designs, posters, album art, comics, cartoons, games, educational materials, books, tattoos, stickers, murals, etc.

I still  have free bowls of home-made chili that I will ship as a finder's fee to anyone who points potential customers my way.  (I recommend purchasing a lid for better delivery results.  They come in blue or tan and are only $10.95 + shipping and handling)


How would you like your corruption?

My interest in politics is at an all-time low.  We have two major political parties who think their job is to reward contributors and demean the people and ideas from the other side.  It is a ridiculous waste of my time to follow along.  Of course I have my opinions and leanings, and of course there are politicians with good intentions and a powerful drive for positive change, but the hypocrite ratio in government is outrageous:  greed, waste, scandal, corruption, and hatred. Yee Ha!.  Anyone who is relying on the government to provide their happiness and success will be disappointed.  Do yourself and the rest of the country a favor:  Be productive.  Be creative.  Be informed.  Be thoughtful.  Be compassionate.  BE HAPPY!


The End is Near! or I'll have the grape one.


Moony, Mr. Mint

The Gentleman, Bruiser, Blue Bear

Fever, Fuzz Nut, Ale, Bing


Mouse in the House

This little guy was inspired by some recent podcasts over at Art & Story Supreme.  Kevin Cross and Mark Rudolph have been discussing their love for the "cartoon modern" style of 1950's animation and design.  It is a style that uses simple shapes and as few lines as possible.  It is much harder to pull off than it sounds!  It is easy to "hide" a bad drawing in lots of lines and shading.  There is no place to hide in the cartoon modern style. 


Spawn of Cthulhu

The Cthulhu's are proud to announce the arrival of their first indescribable monstrosity.  They are registered at Baby's R Us, Pottery Barn Kids, and Target, or you can just sign over your mind and soul now. Bwaa Ha Hahaha Ha Ha!


Rubabutu Rain Bird

In 1867, Charles Willoughby III discovered the rubabutu rain bird deep in the forgotten forest.  Willoughby couldn't have picked a more inappropriate name for the little creature.  It is not a bird and it hates getting wet.  Willoughby was mauled and killed two years later by another one of his foolishly named discoveries...the gentle love ape.


Goob & Boog

These guys just showed up on my blog this morning.  Not sure what their intentions are but I like their names. 


The Future of a Future Kindergartener

My daughter is starting to get excited for kindergarten next fall. She told me,

"School is fun, but you have to go to work."

There are so many things I want to teach my children. Obviously, I haven't painted the idea of "work" in a very positive light. A five year old should not already expect work to be a "but". Kids should be playing and learning and dreaming. I want my children to know how awesome it is to be a kid. I also want them to know how awesome it is to be a grown-up. The loves and interests of childhood can remain into adulthood, where they can become even more powerful and meaningful with an understanding and experienced eye.  Work can be the fulfillment of dreams. I pray for the time and the wisdom to communicate this bit of truth to my children (and with a little luck and a lot of hard work, I intend to be their example!)

Go get 'em, kids. (In 20 years!)

I recently listened to Randy Pausch's "Last Lecture" .   He gave this inspiring speech titled "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams" 10 months before he died from cancer.   He left behind a wife and three very young children.   Nobody should have time for "reality" television or a negative attitude.