Some Bugs

I designed these cute bugs to be vinyl decorations for kids' bedrooms and playrooms.

Every time I walk through a store or look at my kids' toys, clothes, games, etc., I get so excited about art licensing. It is just one more thing that keeps getting pushed down on my to-do list.... :(


Kitchen Painting

I painted this for some friends in San Francisco. 


An Illustration for Farfaria's Puss in Boots

Farfaria is a super cool iPad app. It has tons of great stories and really awesome artwork for kids. My 3 year old and 6 year old love it! You can get the 30 day free trial here: Farfaria. I illustrated a version of "Puss in Boots". I am working on more stories with them, both writing and illustrating. Here is an illustration from "Puss in Boots".



This is a WIP for a story I am working on for the Illopond's Steampunk 2 anthology. I think it is one of the better stories I have written. A girl named Marie is writing letters to her brother who is stationed far away. Their father is sick and at death's door....but then begins to "cure" himself. This tale gets quite creepy...


Nursery Animal Paintings

Here is a recent commision. The job required three pieces for a nursery: a horse, a dragon, and a monkey.
I sketched some quick samples in photoshop (10-15 min each):

Taking the time to sketch out the compositions, color palette, and character design helped make the actual painting time faster and enjoyable! I add layers of paint, then I scrape, scratch, and sand down the canvases to give them a worn and textured look. Finally, I add a thick coat of gloss finish.

Here are the final canvases (12"x12"):