Teenage Truths!

Here are some pages from one of my high school sketch books.

Though looking back at old work is sometimes embarrassing, it can also be rewarding to see the development and improvement over time. I remember thinking that these pages were pretty deep back in the day. Ha ha! The scary thing is, I know I'll look back in the same way at all the ridiculous things said and created on this blog.

I guess that's just life...cringe, wince, repeat.


sam said...

I Love that! Cringe, wince, repeat. Life summed up in three lil words! Oh how I know what you mean!!!
Looks like the margins of my notes in collage.
Great to revisit & even better to share. Have a great time at the House of Mouse! post pics!

liberty said...

like i said i really want these collages!! im jealous that you're an awesome artist!!