e' Letrick Warbabyz

I am updating a logo for a friend's band.  Here is their youtube channel: e'Letrick Warbabyz.

Here is their current logo:

It is a good concept, but the execution is not great. Crisper lines and a cohesive word / image relationship, will be beneficial in T-shirt, poster, banner, and any other printed productions.

Here is the direction I'm going:

I still have a lot of clean-up and tweaking to do, but I am liking it so far.


When it comes to illustrating and designing with vector graphics, Von Glitschka is one of my favorite artists.  He has a super cool and fun website where he updates "ugly" logos called The Federal Bureau of Illustration

On a side note:  I was telling my daughter a Morgan MonsterHunter & The Crypto Kid story a few nights ago.  The villain in this particular story was horrible, brutish, un-dead viking.  As I was telling the story, the name that popped into my head for this monstrosity was Von Glitschka.  It just sounded right.  So, whenever my daughter hears Von Glitschka she will think horrible, brutish, un-dead viking. 

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