Story-time's ready! Y'all come and get it! 8: A Kid's Book Anthology is AVAILABLE NOW!

You can check out the website that I made to promote the book here:  8: A Kid's Book Anthology

There you will find:

  •  pages from each of the stories

  •  artist interviews

  •  links and contact information for all of the contributors

  •  the link to the Indy Planet page where you can purchase your copy of  "8"

  •  the link to Illopond.com where you can join us on upcoming collaborations


sam said...

Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on this Denver! And for being part of what has become my daily inspiration, our little group over at the Illopond.

Denver Wagner said...

Hey, Buddy. Being part of the illopond group is an honor - The least I can do is put together a few web pages for you guys! Good luck with the Steampunk book. I'll be following along. After I finish up "Stacks' I may see if there is any interest in a futuristic book over there. I for sure want to get 'Boo!' an 8 horror anthology for kids going early next year. (Done in time for Halloween!)

Thanks for all the comments, Sam. I appreciate you checking in!