Turkey, Pilgrims, and Zombies!

We had a great Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for the wonderful people in my life.  I am especially thankful for my wife, who puts up with my cuckoo crazy mind and tries to understand my urgent need to empty it.

I am the proud father of probably the coolest 5 year old in the whole world.  She knows who Cthulhu is.  She likes the 1931 Frankenstein.  And the subject she chose for our Thanksgiving sketch was Zombies.  Here are our drawings:
This is mine.
This is my nephew's. I especially like how the leg rotted off.

And this is my daughter's.  A pretty dynamic pose for a 5 year old.

My niece made a funny save the turkey sign. No zombie turkeys, though. She is writing and illustrating a book. Here are some of her character designs:

She is starting to learn about digital coloring.  I think she will have a finished book in 2011! Very cool.

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