Noah's Ark Interactive "Mural"

This is a small project that I plan on donating to the children's ministry of my church. It is an interactive "mural" painted on a 36"x 54" wood panel.

I painted the entire surface with magnetic paint which you can find at most hardware and craft stores. Then I painted the simple ark scene with acrylic paints and brushed a coat of gloss sealer for a textural finish. The panel has a wooden frame attached to the back so it stands about 2.5" off the wall when mounted.

Here are some detailed images of the magnets:

I sketched the characters with pencil and scanned them into my computer. I painted them with digital watercolor in Corel Painter and then printed them on "antique parchment" paper which gives them a warm and textural look. I used 3M spray adhesive to attach the prints to a sheet of magnetic material (which can be purchased from sign suppliers) and then covered them with a layer of clear gloss vinyl.

I'd like to make a bunch of these that could possibly be used as interactive apps as well. I have dozens of scene ideas (space, jungle, fairy tales, ocean, cars, zoo, etc). It would be a dream to make a living by painting fun interactive murals for daycares, schools, libraries, kid's rooms, restaurants, etc...
...feel free to contact me if you have an interest in commissioning a fun interactive mural of your own!

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