A dinosaur can eat up to five twinkies a day!

Good!  The internet is still here.  I just got back from a week of family vacation in Florida.  We had a super time in the sun at Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and SeaWorld.  I didn't get as much sketching and writing / problem-solving done as I had hoped, but the relaxation and time spent with my family was awesome.  It is difficult for me to concentrate on creative projects when I'm having fun and exciting experiences and watching the fascination and happiness on my children's faces.  I'm sure all of the awesome art and design work from inside the parks has been planted in my subconscious mind for later use.  The week helped refresh my noggin and I hope the plot problems I'm having will be resolved soon. 

At least half of my day job consists of no-brain, monotonous tasks.  This would probably drive most people crazy, but I've come to realize just how important this time is for developing personal projects .  I get my work done while being able to solve plot issues, develop stories and characters, fill in story details, and plan other aspects of my own projects.  Time for writing and artwork is hard to come by in a house with a growing family.  At least I have a day job that allows some time alone to work through project issues, so when I do find a few minutes or an hour at home, I can immediately "put pencil to paper".
And I've learned that the fossilized remains of an ultrasaur was found with a stomach full of Twinkies.  I just had one (a Twinkie not an ultrasaur) and they are not as good as I remembered.

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