The Forgotten Wildlife: Crockens

Crockens love the ferny undergrowth of Nufsed's steam fog forests.  They spring forth with amazing speed and agility to eat almost any passing creature, including the other predatory "eaters" of the forest.  All creatures fear crockens, but many also rely on crockens for their survival.  Crocken eggs are the main source of nutrition for dozens of the forest's inhabitants. The crocken deposits ten to twenty "eater eggs" for every fertilized egg that it lays.  Even the males lay these watermelon sized "eater eggs".  An acre of crocken territory can have up to 25,000 crocken eggs on it's floor.  Crockens like to keep their prey close and fat.  Ahhh, the circle of life.

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sam said...

Crockens hugh, awesome Denver! Love the sketch. The roughs showing through really make it fresh. I find that I, like a lot of artists, really love to see roughs like this. It is like speaking a language other artists understand. Great full color piece too! I hope there is a story brewing there in the Nufsed steam fog forest. Thank you for leaving your thoughts on my blog bud, and for being such an active member of the group.