Doing What You Should

My brother is opening his own pizza restaurant in October.  I imagine he will be a busy, busy man for a long time.  When you trust in your ability, have faith in your dreams, and work hard towards your goals, being busy is the reward.  Good Luck, Spoink!

His restaurant is a part of a local franchise.  By all accounts the food is fantastic; but I have to admit, I'm not loving their current logo:

 I am helping him out with menus, signs, and a small mural.  I re-designed the logo, even though we may not be able to use it.  I kept the same basic layout and elements, but tried to make it more friendly and appealing:


Anonymous said...

very nice!!! i like it much better than the original one, hopefully they will let u use it :)


marq said...

dude, seriously, they should pay you for this......it's an obvious upgrade. well done. I tried to do this type of thing with Octopus car wash once....no go.