An Illustration from 'Stack'

Here is an illustration from 'Stack'.  I've decided to use a loose and energetic style for the final artwork.  I liked the clean vector-style character tests, but I think this story works better if the reader can see the "hand" behind the illustrations.

I have been reading  a lot of "Art of..." books lately.  (some of my favorites are "The Art of The Lion King", "The Art of How to Train Your Dragon", and Chris Ayers' "The Daily Zoo")  The concept art for the character, set, and prop designs are totally fascinating to me.  I love seeing the sketchy lines, media experimentation, and style tests.  I love how alive concept art and storyboards feel.  I hope to bring this loose and experimental style to "Stack", while keeping a purposeful feel and professional quality to the book's design.

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sam said...

Bravo Denver! I'm really looking forward to seeing this breathe. S'gonna be cool!