"What Can I Do For You" #1 Stack: the game of animal stacking

Between "Stack" and my next story, I want to produce a series of relatively simple "What Can I Do For You" images.  I will use them for the "call to action / about me" section of my website and also in a small printed portfolio for marketing and promotion.

There are thousands of applications for artwork, illustration, and design.  As a creative entrepreneur (Does that sound better than freelancer?...I think so.), I have to show my potential customers the benefits that good art and design will bring to their business, product, project, etc.   By showing some examples of my art in context, a client can see potential solutions for their needs, and have a clear understanding of the value that I bring to their project. 

Advertisements ~ Banners (web and physical) ~ Book cover design / illustration ~ Brochures, pamphlets, etc ~ Business branding ~ Business cards ~ Cd art ~ Character design and Concept art ~ Children’s book illustration ~ Comics ~ Display ~ Game and toy design ~ Greeting cards ~ Licensing for home and office products ~ Logos ~ Magazine Illustration ~ Marketing Campaigns ~ Mascot and Spokes-Character design ~ Murals ~ Online Media and Gaming ~ Original Art for home, office, or business ~ Packaging design ~ Posters ~ Signs ~ Stationary ~ Stickers ~ T-shirt and clothing design ~ Website design ~ and more!!!

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