Character Mondays: Mokele Mbembe

During the 1970's and 80's, Mokele Mbembe was an ornery and reclusive fellow. Old age seems to have mellowed him out a bit.

Howdy. As part of an ongoing re-design of my website, I have added a new themed blog at denverwagner.com.  I will be posting Character Mondays, Story Page Wednesday, For Sale Friday, and the Creature of the Week. Stay tuned for the opening of my etsy store, the release of my kid's book "Stack / Stuck", and more cool developments @ denverwagner.com.

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Muelly said...

Hey Rock star, the new website looks awesome!! Truly. Informative, easy, great appeal...well done my friend. I love the new weekday specials as well. Especially can't wait "for sale friday" :) Dig Mokele too, he and I look a lot alike.