The Forgotten Wildlife: Sunflapper

Sunflappers have large wing-like ears on the side of their heads which they use for "flopping". Flopping can be thought of as either a really impressive hop or a really pathetic attempt to fly. Thousands of sunflappers can be seen flopping during the long, hot summer afternoons. This is how they find each other through the deep and thick grasses of the rolling plains where they live.

As they flop, their long rubberband-like necks stretch and snap between their bodies and heads. A sunflapper landing is not a graceful sight. The body usually lands first causing the neck to snap the head to the ground. The sunflapper drags it's head and droopy ear flaps along the ground until it's next flop.

I used the same sketch to experiment with some different color options and style:

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BigEyes World said...

I really like the texture too!