Go Ahead, Try to Make a Whole

Coming off a pretty unproductive art weekend. Side-job, sick family, yard work, and church obligations...Sheesh! Just thankful Sunday afternoon band practice was cancelled. Hopefully, I can get back on track this week but it's looking pretty full already. What I really want is a healthy family, I'll take everything else as it comes.

Here's a to-do wishlist for the week:
-set up website
-work on abstracts for possible display/show
-work on Forgotten Wildlife poster
-research and apply for next year's art fairs
-work on pieces for next year's art fairs

Here's a to-do reality list for the week:
-Make up time at work for lost hours due to sick family last week.
-Work on ongoing side job
-Meet with possible client, work on his project
-Meet with Bank / State Department of Revenue
-Yard work / House work/ Be dad (Not complaining here, but all parents know how time consuming children are.)
-Prep for incoming guests/sleepover
-Band Practice

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