Rabid Cosmic Mud Puppy Vs. The Inappropriate Frog

We just shot the moon. (Another Mr. Show prophecy comes true!) Did anyone think this thing through? Of course not! Now we have angered Pudmuppy, the rabid cosmic mud puppy. Our only hope is the Inappropriate Frog, who surely will turn his wrath on us even if he wins. Nice.


Mueller said...

100 bones on Inappropriate Frog. The Mud Puppy is crazy and all, being rabid and Cosmic, but the teeth on Frogman...whooaah nelly.

Bernards said...

I'll take that bet...do not doubt the cosmic pudmuppy

K├Ąthe said...

Oooo, bad bet, Dale. Barring some freak occurrence, your cosmic mud puppy is toast -- rabid or not, he's simply no contest for the Inappropriate Frog (who, if you read ancient texts closely, has been repeatedly prophesized to be the One who will destroy it all.) Even so, with that cheeky grin, he's hard not to love.