T is for Tapir

I am working on my design skills by creating a series of simple vector logos for imaginary companies. I will create 26 animal logos (one for each letter of the alphabet). Any interesting company names or animals will be considered. So, if you've ever wanted to see a logo for Zebra-Brand Polka-Dot Plates tm , or a mascot for the Tosa Fighting Anemones, here's your chance. This is an on-going project (I know, I know, I've got dozens of those, but it keeps life interesting and it helps develop and practice different skills). This will take a while, which means you can pass suggestions my way until all 26 are done. Let's start with the letter T.

T is for Tapir:

I played around with many layouts, tag lines and lettering styles until I settled on this design. Below, are some color samples using this design.

Charley Harper is my favorite artist of all time. His highly stylized and simplified illustrations of the natural world are mind-blowing. He is a huge influence and inspiration to me. Here are some examples of his work:

This has been a busy week and (hopefully!) there are some large and significant projects on the horizon!

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