A Week of Gig Posters: Poster #2



Mueller said...

the triumphant return of the manure-hut boy's, can't wait to rock out like it's 2002 again....leather, mullet's, chicken wire, and baby food. yeah baby. I'm hoping there's a couple extra gig posters as I might know a fella who would still put that stuff on his wall. Be happy to purchase and take one home to him... :) See You all there!

Denver Wagner said...

The woes of an artist with little resources! Unfortunately these "posters" are just digital. But you can always print out a lovely 8.5" x 11". Bring it to the show and I'll sign it. Ha Ha Ha! Seriously, though, stay tuned for three more "posters" and I just might be able to pull off some t-shirts for the show.