The Yapping of the Yups

The yapper is a large lumbering creature. It spends most of it's life digging for roots and bittlebug grubs. It makes a lot of grunting noises as it eats these favorite foods, but it's the constant and annoying "yapping" of the juveniles that gives the yapper it's name. A yapper will have between 6 and 35 "yups" in a typical litter. Yups have a bright red coat of fine fuzz and two pointed ear-horns. Within a day or two of birth, the yapping of the yups begins. They hop and play on and around the adults, yapping loudly. Thankfully, evolution has been kind to the yapper. Adults have no ears.

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gina K Fitzgibbon said...

I love these little guys!!! Sometimes wish I didn't hear my little yups and their constant yapping :)