Another Page and Website Update

Here is another page for the children's story anthology.  I'm almost finished and ready to start a new story.   It's about a dude named Sam.   He tries to convince this other dude to try green eggs and ham.  But this other dude is convinced that he doesn't like green eggs and ham.  Well, in the end, he does try them and he likes them!  Funny, huh?     I'll put in some cool illustrations and I have a great rhyme for the story.  Also I'm thinking about becoming a doctor.  We'll see what happens.

I've put up my new website.  I have a lot of stuff that I want to add to it over time, but  I wanted something out there now.  If you check it out, you can let me know if you find any broken links or other problems.  My biggest concern is how it displays on different screen ratios. How's it look on yours? I'll update as I make the site bigger and better!denverwagner.com

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sam said...

I do hope you know that I AM SAM. And I don't eat eggs or ham of any color. I'm Vegan... Well, vegetarian
at least. How did I miss this post? Oh well sorry for the late shoe in. Everybody, you got to see this post so you will read this comment which says you gotta see this story. It... Is... AWESOME!!!!!!