Who likes web page buttons?

I do. I do.  Ok, setting up my new website may take a little longer than I expected.  It will be up next week..   In the meantime, here are the buttons that I designed for the portfolio section of the site.


Choreboy said...

Nice buddy, they're all very cool but that "monsters and horrors is awesome.

Denver Wagner said...

Thanks dude. I'm psyched about the new site. Not to toot my own horn, but it's looking pretty sweet!

gina said...

REALLY like them Denver!!! Ugh - makes me think of more crap I should be doing for my web page - if I ever get to that considering it took me this long to get the blog up and going :) Love the LOGOs one and strange creatures (I just crack up when I see those little dudes!!!!!)

Denver Wagner said...

Thanks Gina,

Time is our greatest enemy (or should I say 'lack of time'). There are always more things we can do in our creative lives to promote ourselves, improve our skills, and fulfill our inner calling.

Will these web page buttons be the one step that lands me a cool gig? Probably not, but I learned a lot by designing them. It's just one step, but it's part of a longer walk. (cheeze alert!)

I'm no motivational guru, but I think it's important to find at least a little bit of time each day to focus on a creative goal. It is hard, but I don't have any more time to waste. (I'm ticked at myself for my 20's)

We'll never get more time, but I believe we can get BETTER time.