The Call of Toothhead

Toothhead roars from the highest ridge he can find. He wakes up the wildlife of The Forgotten Forest. They have to stay alert. Toothhead is hungry.

Our very own Gumhead is becoming a Toothhead. One so far, several on the verge of breaking through. He was not a very happy chomper around 3:30 last night. Let's see how much coffee I can drink today.

I've been researching some ways artists are using the internet to display their artwork and promote themselves. I think I will use this blog as a record of the successes and failures in beginning freelance illustration. I'm starting with NO experience, NO connections, and little time (full time job, full time dad). Maybe down the road, someone with similar circumstances can learn from what does and doesn't work for me. Will I live the dream? Stay tuned for all the excitement you can stand.

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