Reptoid Just Ate A Turtle

Why does this guy look so happy? He just ate a turtle...caramel, chocolate, pecans...delicious. He also eats people. Putting your head in his mouth is just asking for trouble.

I was bitten last night. I thought The Boy (aka Super Shrimp) was coming in for a kiss, but he went for my nose. His one tooth got me on the spot right between my nostrils. Laughing in pain. Miss O went on a bike ride. She needs a bigger bike. Her little legs were whirling like a Hanna Barbara cartoon.

I finally joined Conceptart.org after years of admiring the work up there. I've never been on any forums before so it's a learning process. The talent there is awesome and I'm hoping to make some connections and learn a thing or two. I also posted some work at deviantART.com. I've had some really nice comments over there already and I plan on responding some time today. If you want to check out some of my work, I post under the name Crustibian.

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