Sloppy with Paint

I love thickly textured paintings. I painted this pig with pallette knives and acrylic. I do like the sloppy look of it. (It is a pig after all!)
I used this painting to create this cd cover

I have plenty of clothes covered in paint and my basement floor is turning into a pretty cool abstract piece.
Here's a picture of my basement floor where I paint.

My kids have had a huge effect on my artwork. Seeing some awesome creativity in picture books and animation has shifted my work towards a more character oriented and illustrative style. Sometimes I wish I had focused on this earlier, but I've found great use for all of those old abstracts as texture and background. (See previous post.) And there's still nothing more relaxing than a beer, headphones, and being sloppy with paint.

Speaking of pigs, music, and the influence of children's media:

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K├Ąthe said...

6 minutes and 42 seconds of pure delight. I love the moral of the story too -- hell is way cool, kids. :)