Look! There goes a character!

Our world is full of characters. Friends, family, co-workers, and the randoms through-out our days can be pure entertainment, if we let them. Did somebody cut in front of you at the deli counter? Of course he did . He's never been in a line before. He has always had Gordi run his errands, but Gordi never returned from that meeting with the saucer people.

The boss can't afford to give you a raise? Well, she did just have to sell one of her (17) cats, you know. Also, she has a man tied up in her attic. He needs to eat, too. This economy is hard on everybody.

I went to a show with a couple friends a few weeks ago. They had bought their tickets in advance. I was going to buy mine at the door. Of course it was sold out. I had a choice: Pay $20 for a cab home, or find a bar and spend that $20 on a few drinks while I waited. I like beer, so I found a nice little Irish Pub and pulled up a seat at the bar.*tangent alert *I can't remember ever going to bar alone before but I did go to a movie by myself once. A couple sat on each side of me in a half empty theater. I think they were doing some kind of social experiment or something. Weird.*tangent complete* Anyway, this little pub was an interesting experience.

There were a few guys who seemed to share my views and interests, but their ranting made me cringe. It was a relief when my buddies showed up. Friends and strangers are both characters. The difference is, a contrary point of view coming from a friend always beats the shared point of view from a kook.

Speaking of characters, here's a fun little time waster: http://www.starwars.com/games/playnow/soundboards/#/?theme=16
This is the best!:http://www.thetyser.com/

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Shawn said...

I love this blog.

Also, the word bubble above your head seems to have been cut off Denver. =)