The Forgotten Wildlife: Cliff Leaper

The cliff leaper clings to the glossy Marble Cliffs that line the coast of the Nufsed Sea. When it is hungry, the cliff leaper launches itself at one of the many species of seaflogs as they fly by. The cliff leaper opens it's mouth incredibly wide, and swallows the seaflog whole. The weight of the seaflog causes the cliff leaper to plummet to the sea below. There, it will float for several days while it digests it's meal.

The membranes of fatty skin that stretch between it's limbs allow the cliff leaper to glide great distances and ride the thermal currents that rise from the warm water below. These flaps of skin are also filled with black pockets of air for floating on the surface of the calm Nufsed Sea. When the cliff leaper's meal is fully digested, it climbs back up the smooth surface of the Marble Cliffs using a suctioning technique and repeats the whole process.

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