Illustration Friday: Focused

Thomas James at Escape From Illustration Island (a great illustrator resource site!)is running a contest this month, which finally got me to start posting at Illustration Friday. I've been wanting to submit some pieces over there for a while. They post a topic on Fridays, and artists have a week to illustrate their interpretation of it.

The topic this week is "focused". This is an older gouche on bristol piece. It was in pretty bad shape but I thought there was some potential in it. I spent about an hour and a half cropping it, cleaning it up, and tweaking the color. I got it to the point where I like it quite a bit.


k.h.whitaker said...

nice work, I like it

Mary Hall said...

I really like this...I've been staring at it for ages, wondering who he/she/it is and what they're focusing on... He/she/it seems sort of sad to me...
(ps Love your blog header!)