How would you like your corruption?

My interest in politics is at an all-time low.  We have two major political parties who think their job is to reward contributors and demean the people and ideas from the other side.  It is a ridiculous waste of my time to follow along.  Of course I have my opinions and leanings, and of course there are politicians with good intentions and a powerful drive for positive change, but the hypocrite ratio in government is outrageous:  greed, waste, scandal, corruption, and hatred. Yee Ha!.  Anyone who is relying on the government to provide their happiness and success will be disappointed.  Do yourself and the rest of the country a favor:  Be productive.  Be creative.  Be informed.  Be thoughtful.  Be compassionate.  BE HAPPY!

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Denver Wagner said...

Hope this didn't come off sounding condescending...I'm pointing the finger directly at myself..."Be productive. Be creative. Be informed. Be thoughtful. Be compassionate. BE HAPPY!" We can try it together! :)