Psssst! Wanna buy an illustration?

Here's the updated front page of my portfolio website: denverwagner.com It is similar to the previous page with a few more characters added.   I am also having the image printed on postcards to mail out to art directors and other potential clients / customers. 

I have a few fun projects going on right now...but I really need some paying gigs.  Keep me in mind if you come across someone who could use some SUPER FUN and COOL ILLUSTRATIONS for their products, stories, advertisements, decorations, brochures, cards, campaigns, concept designs, signs, magazines, events, t-shirt designs, posters, album art, comics, cartoons, games, educational materials, books, tattoos, stickers, murals, etc.

I still  have free bowls of home-made chili that I will ship as a finder's fee to anyone who points potential customers my way.  (I recommend purchasing a lid for better delivery results.  They come in blue or tan and are only $10.95 + shipping and handling)

1 comment:

sam said...

Chili huh, will ya throw in the crackers cause I like crackers, specially with chili, Mmmm yes chili wit crackers. Fresh crackers not those stale kind like they been open since last Thursday, Stale. Blich! You know like Dick Blick only spelled with a ch instead of a ck.
you know, sounds like K only spelt wit a ch and sounds like K, Not ch like... Cha, you know like in Cha- ili.
Mmmmm Chili.
What a bargain!
Supperfun cool card! Ya better get a lot of work with that because makin Chili gets expensive!