Purple Cthulhu: The Politically Correct Super Villain

Purple Cthulhu released a recorded statement to several media outlets late last night.  The speech was widely praised for it's non-discriminatory and politically correct language.  In his trademark raspy, gurgling grunts, Purple Cthulhu was very clear about his loathing for each and every human being on Earth.  In a touching moment of unbiased maniacal rambling, Purple Cthulhu said, 

"Purple Cthulhu does not care about your race, religion, or sex.  Purple Cthulhu does not care about your wealth, education, or your social status.  Purple Cthulhu does not care about your history,  your region, or your politics.  You all crawl like bugs!  Purple Cthulhu laughs at your simple monkey brains.  Ha Ha Ha!  I will drive you all insane! I will crush all humans!..except for the Moody Blues.  I just like them..."

Me too, Purple Cthulhu.  Me too.


Denver Wagner said...

Purple Cthulhu is a hypocrite! Ooohhh...The Moody Blues are sooo special...Ohhh, I can't crush the Moody Blues. As Far as I'm concerned, Purple Cthulhu is a liar and should remove the "pc" emblem from his costume. HE NOTICES DIFFERENCES IN PEOPLE!!! Oh wait... maybe that "PC" just stands for Purple Cthulhu. I'm confused.

sam said...

Confused and silly you crazy nit you! :o)
Thanks for the giggle, Denver.

Craig said...

I know that gazing upon the countenance of Cthulhu is supposed to drive one insane, but I tend to be more terrified of political correctness.