The Forgotten Wildlife: Coastal Mucksucker

The coastal mucksucker lives on the coast and sucks muck. It aspires to one day pack sand.
Mucksuckers Groening style.

Mucksucker on a T-shirt? Yep...

...or as a certain singer I know put it, "What's that giraffe-thing
on your shirt?"


Marq said...

holy shit Denver, this site has come so far so quick. Things are looking great, the logos are sweet. I want this shirt - XL, I'll trade ya.

Denver Wagner said...

Thanks, Marq! A penny for a dollar trade? You're nuts! But I've never been one to turn down a bargain. I'll get your mailing address when I have the next batch of t's done. Hope you don't mind if I add a link to your website on my side bar. Maybe some of the magic will rub off! Check it out: marqspusta.com