My Lucky Life, Thanks to My Wife

Today is my wife's birthday. She doesn't love horror and cartoons as much as I do, but I love her anyway. Very, very much. Occasionally I try to make pieces for her that are not too monstrous or cartoony to show my appreciation for her love and support over the years.
I printed and framed the piece above for her Christmas present this year. It was created by finding parts from my abstract paintings that looked like the letters L,O,V, and E. I used it on her Christmas card as well.

Below are some designs that I came up with for our wedding (invites, programs, thank- you cards). We used the one in the lower right. That was almost six years ago! Time flies.

I have some big goals for this year. Lots of hard work (and frustration, I'm sure) ahead. I'm thankful to have my wife by my side. I know how lucky I am.


mueller said...

Well done brother.
the 4 painting love is beautiful my friend. happy birthday T.

Denver Wagner said...

Thanks Matt,
I always debate on how personal I should take this blog and what types of artwork I should post. Glad to see posts like this one are OK. Thanks for your continued support! See you soon.

Gina K Fitzgibbon said...

SO Sweet and AWESOME! Expressing your love for your wife is never too personal - it shows the importance of things in your life and your character. Any potential employer who would have a problem with it isn't worth your talent!
GREAT pieces too by the way!!!

K├Ąthe said...

That four panel piece was such an interesting and fun idea! Looks great too.

I l-o-v-e it.