W is for Walrus

Here is the first suggested animal logo. Dale, I know you were thinking "combs & such" , but I like how "Walrus Brushes and Such" sounds. I will send you your bill and good luck with the business.

Any other requests out there? 19 letters to go!

These are the letters that are done:
  • A is for Aardvark (Aardvark Pest Control)
  • B is for Bug (Yummy Bugs)
  • G is for Great White (The Kentucky Great Whites)
  • P is for Platypus (Platypus Publishing)
  • S is for Sheep (Sleepy Sheep)
  • T is for Tapir (Tapir Paper)
  • W is for Walrus (Walrus Brushes & Such)
Please leave any animal company suggestions in the comments after this post.
Thanks, Dale.


K├Ąthe said...

Desperate for distraction today, so I came up with a few ideas:

Vulture Valley Collection Agency
Fairy Flies Faucet Emporium
Nightingale In-Home Nursing Service
Night Owl Home Security Systems
Kakapo Kinder Care

That was more fun than I expected.

Anonymous said...

Chameleon Photography
Dolphin Swimwear
Quail Hunting Gear
or Quail Camoflage or Chameleon Camoflage ?
Rabbit Printing & Copying Company
- was thinking multiply like rabbits and photocopying connection?

Will keep thinking - its a Great Concept Denver!

Anonymous said...

its Gina - can't figure out technology!

Denver Wagner said...

Oooh! Some clever ones. Nice work, guys!