Happy To Be A Monkey

Deep in the jungle among the trees
That sway away in the warm summer breeze

A monkey showed how fast he could swing
On the branches above with a zip zap zoom zing

And it was clear for all to see
Just how happy to be a monkey was he
This is a style test for a kid's book that I'm working on. Any comments, suggestions, or critiques regarding the artwork and/or the text will be appreciated.


Joel said...

I like it Denver. Keep on with the creative process.

gina said...

Agree looks good and the text has a good rhyming pattern that is fun for adults to read and/or older kids to learn to read. Keep going and can't wait to read more :)

Denver Wagner said...

thanks guys. i am going to try and post a lot of roughs like this for the book to really build up to a quality finished product. So be brutal and nitpicky...it will make a better book!