The Testimony of Sheriff Lewis Brown

"The Dundersford widow came to me with a story so absurd, that it sounded like it came right out of one of those silly old tales by them Grimm brothers. As a matter of fact, I remember telling the old bird to sell off those last few cows and go into the business of writing scary stories for the local tots!

Well, Mrs. Dundersford said that that lunatic up on the hill, Frankenstein, was up to no good. She called him “Doctor” and said that he was up there playing with dead folks and parts of dead folks. She said he was making the dead come to life!

So I says to myself, Frankenstein may be a lunatic, but he ain’t no doctor. If he’s got cadaver’s up there, he didn’t get ‘em legally. The widow probably just saw the nut playing with some store mannequins or something. Who knows what that weirdo is into, but I told her I’d go up to check it out, anyways.

So of course, it was dark and stormy as I headed up to question Frankenstein. I arrived at his door, soaked to the bone, and slammed the giant knocker three times. There was more lightning than I’d ever seen. Finally the door creaked open and Frankenstein peeked out. "Let me in, you fool!" I tried to shout through chattering teeth. I showed my badge and he reluctantly pulled the door open.

I told him what the Dundersford widow had reported to me. Frankenstein looked shocked at first. Then his mouth curled into a frenzied toothy grin. “That crazy old bat,” he laughed. “she’s got it all wrong! None of them have come to life...yet. But, tonight”, he laughed some more. “TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT!”

Frankenstein grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the stairs. “Come up, Come up!” he shouted. “Witness the miracle! Witness my genius!” We entered an upstairs bedroom. It was disgusting. The room was covered with blood and gristle and flies. A vaguely human shaped monstrosity laid across the bed. Body parts were not so skillfully sewn together like some sort of puzzle from hell. Wind and rain blew in from the open window above the bed. A long and twisted metal wire wound in through the window and wrapped around one of the bed posts.

Well, the next few minutes were kind of a blur. I remember a flash of lightning and a static crackle across the bed. Then the thing starts to move! It sits up and looks at me.

"Daddy?" it says.

I was down those stairs and out the door in a flash. I ran down the hill and I turned to see if the thing was following. It was almost right on top of me! It reached for me with it's decaying yellow-green hands when, suddenly, it was attacked from the side by the biggest derned wolf I've ever seen. I stared in shock for a moment, then turned and ran home. I heard howling all night long.

I couldn't believe it. I'd been saved by one of those good-fer-nuthin, pain-in-my-ear wolves!"

.- Lewis Brown (May 12, 1954)

One month later, under a full moon, Sheriff Brown was killed by a werewolf/Frankenstein monster hybrid.

the end

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