Goodbye, Pudding Man

The Pudding Man has watched over this blog for several months. His primary functions were to greet visitors, stare, and prevent any ugly unicorns from being posted. I think the unicorn threat has been neutralized. It is time for the Pudding Man to step down from his post. The Pudding Man reigns no more! I fear no ugly unicorns! Plus, I like my new banner. I also updated my portfolio: http://denverwagner.com/.
So, I respectfully send off the Pudding Man banner...I still love you, but your fonts are kind of...terrible.

I really, really hope no ugly unicorns show up here...especially not on Monday, January 25th, 2010.


gina said...

Like the new banner A LOT!!!

Denver Wagner said...

Thanks,Gina. I think it fits my blog much better. I may have some postcard mailers made up in a similar style later this year. It makes my day every time someone takes the time to leave a comment over here. So thank you very much!

Joel said...

this is my new favorite blog. Keep it up!

Denver Wagner said...

Thanks so much. I hope to eventually get some promotional value from this blog, but my main goal is to try to stay productive and motivated in an entertaining way. It feels great when somebody else "gets" my geekiness. thanks again!