Hilda Meyermeister and the Goat

Hilda Meyermeister had a small farm out in the Boonies. The farm had a small grey house and a small grey barn with a small grey goat named Goat. Everyday Hilda would milk Goat. One day they died.

The animals on the farm and in the surrounding woods never noticed. They still see Hilda stroll out to the barn every morning and milk Goat. But Squirrel sees that the barn and house are falling apart. The whole farm has been overgrown with weeds. Can Squirrel convince the other animals that Hilda and Goat are actually ghosts? No he can't. Nobody listens to squirrels. Especially ghost squirrels. WOooO ooo OO OOOooo!

These are vector based character designs. Which means they are created with points and lines to form simple shapes. The advantage of vector drawings is they are scalable to any size without any loss in quality. They are made of mathematical paths, not pixels. They are often used for company logos, signs, vehicle graphics, illustration, and other objects that have to be resized frequently.

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