I Summon the Pudding Man!: A Post About Context

Sleep and work - You're the WORST! But I need you both -for now. I wish that there was some magical being that granted wishes. I would wish for time. Instead, all I get is the Pudding Man pictured above. He watches me while I sleep and while I work and it's really creeping me out. I can't complain too much because I'm lucky in so many ways. I just wish my time didn't start after 10:00 pm. No work on C.O.W. 151. grrrrr

Speaking of creepy
Speaking of recut movie trailers:

One thing that helps me get through the work day is listening to podcasts. I subscribe to alot of them (they're free!) and I've put links for some of the art related ones in the Cool Places column. Listening to Artcasts help me to stay focused on art even when I can't physically pull out a sheet of paper or pull up a file that I've been working on. They focus on tips and techniques, business and networking, tools and tech, inspiration and so much more.

Some of my favorite non-art related podcasts are:
Horror Etc. http://www.horroretc.com/ Horror Movies
Anything Ghost http://anythingghost.libsyn.com/ "true" ghost stories
Hometown Tales http://hometowntales.blogspot.com/ Tall Tales and Urban Legends
Pseudopod http://pseudopod.org/ Original Horror Fiction
Just One More Book http://www.justonemorebook.com/ All aspects of children's books
Skeptoid http://skeptoid.com/ Critical look at pseudoscience and scams

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