Chow with Stripes

It doesn't want a hug. It wants a bite. Of you.

I went to the park with my daughter last night. I was watching her run. She is really fast but she holds her arms straight down her side. It's kind of like her top half is just casually riding her legs. And I'm thinking, if I ever get into animation, that's how a character should look when it's running. Seriously, though, I hadn't realized how fast she's gotten! We are going to the State Fair tonight. Animal poop and sugar.

I added the link to my deviantArt page in the sidebar. I go by the name crustibian. I also spent some time filling in my profiles at deviantArt and Conceptart last night. I need to clean up my portfolio page at deviantArt. It's a nice feature for a beginner like myself. It has it's own address which can be given directly to clients (so they're not wading through all of the junk on my home page). It needs to be trimmed and the pieces need to be accurately labeled. I want to put together a nice physical portfolio (relatively) soon and look around locally for some work.

I need to look into some printing options:
  1. For my digital work
  2. For my larger pieces that won't fit in a portfolio
  3. Possibly invest in some postcard mailers (need to research this a bit before I go ahead)

I am also debating the necessity of having a professional website. I know I'll definitely need one down the road. I think my blog and deviantArt gallery and portfolio are fine for now.

I've been looking at some contract samples online. This site has been very helpful: http://www.cegur.com/html/framesupport.html It has some pricing guidelines and also some really nice contract templates that can be used and altered for free.

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