Mrs. Brobender's so-called "basilisk"

This is my submission for C.O.W. #153: lean, mean, and green.

Mrs. Brobender's so-called "basilisk"

The man was executed for the rape and murder of thirteen women. His wife had stood by him throughout the trial. Now she was afraid and alone. She remained on their small farm but the work proved to be too much for the poor old woman so she tried to sell off the animals.

No one was interested in these”cursed” animals and they quickly began to die off. Finally, all that was left was a plump healthy hen. It had remained so fat by eating the other animals as they died. Now the old woman brought the hen into the house and shared her bed with it.

On the anniversary of the man's execution, the hen began pushing out egg after egg. As it came to the thirteenth egg, the hen squawked and squealed. The egg it was trying to push out was enormous. It screamed like a woman. The old woman was terrified.

Finally, the egg emerged. It was gigantic- the size of a man’s head. It was green and brownish pink and covered in lumpy black warts. It bore the image of her husband’s head. The chicken, which had nearly split in two, looked the old woman in the eyes and died.

The egg immediately began to roll and shake. It built in momentum and slammed into the bedroom wall. The “basilisk” emerged. The tiny creature began to grow. It ate the old woman.

The whole story is a bunch of rubbish, of course. The creature was clearly a common cockatrice.

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