The Forgotten Wildlife: Mountain Monster

Even the great walking worms and legendary behe mouth are dwarved by the most gargantuan creature that has ever walked the plains of Nufsed: the notorious MOUNTAIN MONSTER! The mountain monster can devour whole forests in a matter of hours. Though all it really wants to eat are the trees, countless creatures are swallowed as the mountain monster gorges on the forests. Most of the creatures would probably be able to escape if it weren't for the mountain monster's excellent camouflage.
See if you can spot the mountain monster in the picture above.


K├Ąthe said...

I was just watching this and couldn't help but think you'd enjoy it (if you haven't already seen it. Two words -- giant sloth. 18' tall giant sloth! That's a lot of non-movement.)


Spusta said...

This dude rules....