The Putdowns

My good buddy and one of the few readers of this blog (Howdy, Matt!) asked me to throw together some "band photos" for a facebook page. He asked for something quick and cartoony so I tweaked some existing artwork. Over the last year, I've scanned hundreds of sketches and other pieces of artwork in various stages of development/completion into my computer. It's my own little catalog of all original clipart. It makes throwing together silly little illustrations like the ones above faster and easier than starting from scratch.

I play(ed) drums in The Putdowns (formerly Chet & the Choreboys). I feel bad that I can't devote much time to the band these days. They are really cool guys and I love the music but...I have kids. Kids are nature's time bandits and coolness suckers. I am exhausted by ten every night. My favorite shows and movies are cartoons. I know what a onesy is. I've peeled grapes. I talk in ridiculous voices so much that I'm not really sure what my real voice is. And, of course, I wouldn't trade any of it for the world.
I would like less belly and more hair, however.

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Mueller said...

Howdy Haus, darn proud to be mentioned in a blog a million readers strong. Vive el ninos'

more belly and less hair route for me!