Go Get 'Em, Spider

I spent some time this weekend cleaning and organizing my basement workspace/studio. It's easy to be motivated and spend time down there when it's clean. I cleared out a lot of junk, shop-vac-ed all the cobwebs, organized supplies and artwork, and cleared some space. Space for what? A brand new computer! That's right, we are investing in an art computer and I'm psyched. It is a huge up-grade: tons of memory and storage and a 23" screen! It should come in this week.

I have been doing more research on the business side of art, design, and illustration. Believe it or not, it's incredibly boring. Necessary, though. I found some decent books on the subject at the library. (plenty of time wasting books, too.) There are also tons of great resources online. It's hard to imagine/remember the world without the internet. I want most of my paperwork, promotional items/portfolios, website, art fair applications, etc. set up by the end of the year. Some busy months ahead.

I'll be posting some WIPs for COW#156 over the next week or so. I like seeing other artist's processes, so maybe someone will find this interesting. The topic is "red hot doom". Here's the pencil sketch I'll be working on. I call it The Smolderer.

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